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Molly Tornow

Sales Associate


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Molly's Story

Growing up in northwestern Montana, I always knew the value of home and what it meant: family, friends, recreation, adventure and nurturing. These things paved the way to being back here to stay.

My childhood was amazing.  In 1994, I attended MSU, Bozeman and received a degree in Elementary Education.  In the off-season, I worked for the Forest Service clearing trails and fighting fires.  My education led me to teaching Jr. High English for 10 years.  Once my husband and I started a family, I continued to teach, and we continued to change and build for our future.

In 2016 our plans moved us to beautiful Bozeman, Montana.  My husband worked at the Yellowstone Club as a custom home building manager, and I started my own cleaning business.  Things changed again and I became a homeschool mom to our daughters Monroe and Macy.  Time with them was invaluable and we learned many wonderful things together as a family.  Amid that, we dove into a remodel of our home.  During this process, I fed my desire to learn real estate and design, both of which I love and had admiration for.

After completion, we sold our dream home to move home and continue our future plans.  Our optimism for the future has led us back home to continue to build out our dreams of sharing Montana with others, to create dreams, and to fulfill the legacy of family and friends adventuring together.

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